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M-F: 9-12 and 4-5:30

 Sat: 9-12

 Sun: 4-5 PM

New Years Day, Memorial Day, Easter, Fourth of July,
 Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Dogs picked up after 12:00 pm will be charged an additional half day rate  (except for Sunday).

Dogs picked up or dropped off outside of regular kennel hours
  (please make an appointment) will be charged an additional $20.00 fee

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Business Travel?
   Can't take your 4 legged family member with you?
No matter what the reason, we will provide a safe, fun and loving environment so your dog is busy and happy, until you return.

Covid 19 updates - Starting May 4 the following rules will apply:

  • All food and treats must be in a disposable container or baggies.  NO LARGE BINS will be accepted and you will be required to transfer food to provided baggies. Excess food may or may not be returned so it is best to leave only the amount needed for your pets stay plus one extra day in case of emergency.

  • Medications can be brought in their original bottles or pre-measured in a pill container.

  • Curbside pick up and drop off only. When you come we will come out and collect your dog and belongings. You will be asked to remove your dogs collar and we will bring them in with our slip leads to prevent any danger of slipping out of their collars. If you call ahead before picking up we can give you your total so you can have your payment ready.


  • Curbside pick up and drop off only. When you come we will come out and collect your dog. You will be asked to remove your dogs collar and we will bring them in with our slip leads to prevent any danger of slipping out of their collars.

  • Please pick up your dog ASAP after you are called. You will be given your total when I call you so that you have it ready when you pick up your dog. Check or cash only, please have correct change if paying in cash no change will be given. If you prefer to pay via Paypal or Venmo let me know and I can provide you the information to do so.


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  A small, family-owned business, MerriMutts Inn is owned and operated by Mary Ann Maneval.  For 20 years prior to opening MerriMutts Inn, MaryAnn worked in fields related to health care and elder care.  Mary Ann her husband Mark and daughter Cassidy, have four dogs of their own as well as three cats and two horses.


 MerriMutts Inn is located just 40 miles south of the Mpls/St. Paul International Airport in rural Cannon Falls, Minnesota.  Situated on 32 scenic, wooded acres in the Cannon River Valley, MerriMutts Inn provides loving and individual care.  No need to feel pangs of guilt when leaving your family pet; MerriMutts offers a country setting that most visitors envy while providing the personal attention and fun activities that make it a true “home away from home”.




Merri Mutts Inn  is dedicated to providing outstanding care for your pet when you are out of town. No matter if for just one night, or for an extended stay you can be assured that your dog(s) will receive attentive and loving care while they are staying with us.


We offer a completely safe, secure, clean, and comfy place for your pet while you are away.  Our climate-controlled facility with natural lighting provides all the services your pet needs for their stay including:


  • Their own personal space to rest and stretch out

  • Soothing music played throughout

  • Outdoor access a minimum of four times daily

  • Daily wellness check


Whether you choose our Basic or V. I. P accommodations, extra treats, one-on-one playtimes, or wooded walks - you can be assured that your family member will receive the best care available. We are very proud of our place and hope you will love it as much as we do!


Tours are by appointment. Please call
507-263-8829 or email
to schedule a time to visit.

There are many benefits for both you and your dog by having a regular grooming appointment.  Why? 

  • Having someone looking over your dog from head to toe, (skin, toenails, hair, ears, eyes, teeth, glands) can help catch potential issues early.

  • Being handled by a professional groomer helps your dog to be at ease around new people and places.   This is why starting your dog with a professional groomer when they are a puppy is so important!

  • Regular trimming, brushing and dematting are a must for dogs that have growing or longer hair! For dogs that shed, grooming helps to remove dead coat and reduces dander, which also helps you keep a cleaner house & car.


Have your dog professionally groomed during your pets stay with us!


Monday Appointments ONLY
Call or text Sandy at : 507-263-9111
or email:




507-263-8829 - Boarding

Call (please leave a message)
or Text

507-263-9111 - Grooming

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for boarding

for grooming

7999 County 17 Blvd.

Cannon Falls, MN

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